# Title of the Talks Page No Download
1 Nutrition Wellness for the NOW
Julie Silver
1 Download
2 Sustainable Agriculture for Safety and Security of Food the technological Perspectives for rural development
Suresh Prasad Singh
2 Download
3 Nutrition, Hair Analysis Heavy Metal Toxicity
Lisa Rufsholm
3 Download
4 Mindful Eating During Covid and Beyond
Michelle Sugiyama
4 Download
5 Effect of High-Protein high-fibre supplement on Glycaemic and lipid control in overweight and obese Indian adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus A 24-week, randomized, controlled trial
Vinita Satyavrat
5 Download
6 Factors affecting the academic performance of university students
Ahlam Badreldin El Shikieri
6 Download
7 Flow cytometric viability assessment of probiotics
Jakub Kieps
7 Download
8 The effects of Nutrition on Human Health
Nurhayat Atasoy
8 Download
9 Honey Insights into Health Promotion And Disease Prevention
Shyamapada Mandal
9 Download
10 Highly-efficient release of ferulic acid from agro-industrial by-products via enzymatic hydrolysis with cellulose-degrading enzymes Part I the superiority of hydrolytic enzymes versus conventional hydrolysis
Vitalijs Radenkovs
10 Download
11 Acylated Ghrelin, Obesity and Insulin resistance are associated with depression severity in Postmenopausal Women
Maria Fernanda Naufel
11 Download
12 Optimization of drum drying processing parameters for production of asam pedas culinary powder using response surface methodology
Norzaleha Kasim
12 Download
13 Technology of Nutmeg Essential Oil Microcapsules by Extrusion method
Inga Matulyte
13 Download
14 Biotransformation of 5-caffeoylquinic acid by mono- and co-cultures of gut bacteria
Gentiana Balaj
14 Download
15 Diversity and stability of lactic acid bacteria and yeast in dense rye sourdough while continuous propagation
Vadim K. Khlestkin
15 Download
16 Pentosan characteristics of different Indian wheat varieties and their relationship to Bread-making quality
Hemalatha M.S
16 Download
17 Clarifying the minefield of ever-changing nutrition advice
Jim Mann
17 Download
18 Appraisal of maize as a nutraceutical Prospects and Challenges
Alla Singh
18 Download
19 Concept of turning points and improvement in visceral organ function during and after 14 days prebioticassisted total dietary deprivation in human
Garrick D Lee
19 Download
20 Evaluation of OxidantAntioxidant status, Metabolic profile and Milk production in Cows with Metritis
Josef Illek
20 Download
21 Food production Retail Consumption, do we need new paradigms A different approach to labelling and rework
Edgardo Carrillo Cabrera
21 Download
22 Food as Medicine
Aubrey Mast
22 Download
23 COVID 19 and Food Security
Francois Grunewald
23 Download
24 Personalised Molecular Feedback for Weight Loss
Shilpa Tejpal
24 Download
25 Mindful Eating and a Healthy Lifestyle
Malvika Gupta
25 Download
26 Anti-Proteinase and Antioxidant properties of cold pressed Prunus Domestica Kernel Oil
Saoussem Harrabia
26 Download
27 Extracted Total Carotenoids from Sporidiobolus pararoseus Relieve Acute Lung Inflammation Induced by Cigarette Smoking in Mice
Margaret Zaitoun
27 Download
28 Introduction to Culinary Medicine
Michael S. Fenster
28 Download
29 Effects of Physical Activity on Brain Energy Biomarkers in Alzheimers Diseases
Khan H. Navin
29 Download
30 Evolution of Nutrition and Food Sciences in the country
Saima Khursheed
30 Download
31 Analyzing food safety culture elements in foodservice operations
Aifaa Binti Roslan
31 Download
32 Short-term sodium phosphate supplementation improve VO2max under hypoxia without calcium-phosphate imbalance in athletes
Kamila P?oszczyca
32 Download
33 Productive And Nutritional Evaluation Of Edible Mushroom Cultivated In Patagonia Argentina
Marcela Viviana Filippi
33 Download
34 Effect of sweet potato addition on sensorial evaluation, rheological and microstructure properties of yoghurt
34 Download
35 Serum albumin is associated with fluid overload but not with BMI and muscle mass index in haemodialysis patients
Maria Fernanda Naufel
35 Download
36 Aging, alkaline phosphatase and fat mass index are associated with fluid overload in haemodialysis patients
Maria Fernanda Naufel
36 Download
37 Use of bacteriophages in food production
Beno Filip
37 Download
38 Determination of vitamin B12 cobalamin using HPLC
Beno Filip
38 Download
39 Functional ingredients for the restriction in the use of antibiotics in animals
Luciana Rossi
39 Download