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1 The effect of Dietary Supplementation with Inorganic and Organic Selenium Sources on Colostrum and Milk Selenium Levels in Dairy Cows
Josef Illek
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2 History of Prolonged Dietary Deprivation in Human and 714 days PrebioticAssisted total Dietary Deprivation Protocol
Garrick D. Lee
2 Download
3 What can Hair Analysis results do for you
Lisa Rufsholm
3 Download
4 Neutralizing Inflammation Using Food as Medicine
Aubrey Mast
4 Download
5 Nutritional and Antioxidant Impacts of Yoghurt Fortified with Sweet Potato Flour
6 Download
6 Use of selected Strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria to improve the technological characteristics and quality of Fermented Goat Milk
Giorgia Gozzi
6 Download
7 Unsaponifiable Compounds of Oilseeds Chemistry and Biological properties
Saoussem Harrabi
7 Download
8 Effects of Creatine Supplementation in Creatine Deficiency Syndrome associated Neurodegenrative and Cancerous Diseases
Navin H. Khan
9 Download
9 Sustainable Processing of Food for Safety Security
Suresh Prasad Singh
10 Download
10 FOOD WASTE A necessary evil
Edgardo Carrillo Cabrera
11 Download
11 Balancing Immunity During Covid and Beyond
Michelle Sugiyama
12 Download
12 Red Meat, Health, Climate Change, and Sustainability What are the choices
Michael S. Fenster
13 Download
13 Protectve Effect of Thyme Leaf on Monosodum Glutamat-Induced Metabolc Changes
Nurhayat Atasoy
14 Download
14 Valorization of Agri-Food By-Products as Functional Ingredients for Soft Cheeses
Lucia Vannini
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