Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Coronavirus disease COVID-19 Nutrition and Food Safety

Track 2


Track 3

Dietary Nutrition for chronic diseases Gastrointestinal, Diabetes, and Cancer

Track 4

Nutrition in the Lifespan Babies, Toddlers, Children, Geriatrics, Pregnancy

Track 5

Sports Nutrition Kinesiology

Track 6

Nutrition and Culture

Track 7

Clinical Nutrition

Track 8

Community nutrition and public health

Track 9

Collective food and hospitality

Track 10

Food technology and food science

Track 11

Food and Dairy Technology

Track 12

Medical Foods and Nutraceuticals

Track 13

Food Beverages

Track 14

Food-Borne illness and Allergies

Track 15

Food Biochemistry and Microbiology

Track 16

Food Packing Preservation

Track 17

Physical Activity, Fitness Personal Training for Health

Track 18

Personalized Nutrition facilitating healthier Dietary choices