Aisha Mohamed

Aisha Mohamed

Laboratory of Microbial Biochemistry of Dairy Microorganisms, , Egypt

Biography :

Aisha Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Maksoud ELATTAR is a Professor . dairy science and technology department, faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University. Alexandria, EGYPT. (Prof Dr. El-Attar Graduated.from the Faculty of Agriculture, Dairy Department in 1993 with excellent grade, and obtained a master’s degree in the same department in 1997 with the title (Biotechnological studies on milk and milk products. Biochemical studies on enterococci) she also obtained a doctorate from France in 2001 from INA-PG with the title. Sélection et caractérisation de mutants de Lactococcus lactis. Présentant une forte activité gazogène Dr. El ATTAR has been working in isolation and identification of LAB for ≈20 years. Also, she studied the probiotic characteristics of isolates from Egyptian environment as well as from the camel milk.